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Blood, sweat and gears

Owain Prorok Reach Senior Creative

Owain Prorok

Senior Creative

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Reach Marketing MD Asgoo has a passion for motorbikes. It could be described as his first love and he’s been tinkering with, riding and sometimes racing them for over 45 years. He’s also been a lifelong believer in giving a helping hand to others where he can. So, he’s the ideal Blood Bike rider.

What are Blood Bikes?

Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes is part of a national network of blood bike organisations. They provide volunteers and vehicles to facilitate the movement of urgent blood products and tissue samples between hospitals and laboratories. LRBB operates in Leicestershire and Rutland and supports the East Midlands Air Ambulance Service. The role also connects with NHS blood banks in Rotherham and hospitals in Birmingham, Coventry, and Nottingham. It’s part of a nationwide, life-saving service that provides essential support to the NHS.

Making a difference

Asgoo is really enjoying the role. “It’s a voluntary thing”, he explains. “I’m pleased to be giving something back and making a difference in health provision.” Most of the shifts he does are overnight, starting at 7pm and ending at 6am. This can be demanding when combined with his full-time job of running Reach Marketing. It’s not uncommon for Asgoo to do a day’s work at the office, followed by a night shift out on his bike, followed by another day’s work.

National recognition

But he believes the rewards are worth the effort. The National Association of Blood Bikes have a mandate to actively work towards parity with other emergency services, both in terms of legislative support and recognition by relevant government departments. They also ensure riders adhere to defined professional standards, something close to Asgoo’s heart. As an experienced rider he is looking forward to playing his part in helping the Blood Bikers secure their status as a recognised front line emergency service.

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