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Leicester Comedy Festival 2023 Brochure Launch

Owain Prorok Reach Senior Creative

Owain Prorok

Senior Creative

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Patrick Monohan, Lucy Bloomfield, Gary Love and Geoff Rowe receiving business partners certificate

Every year, a special reception is held to launch the Leicester Comedy festival brochure. This document, tantamount to a canon of contemporary comedy talent, has yet to be ‘launched’ from an actual cannon; an obvious comedy miss to which the festival organisers seem tragically oblivious.

Not just out, but out out.

Missed opportunities for mirth notwithstanding, the launch was a tremendous success according to the Reach colleagues who attended. These were, in order of importance: Gary (Director), Lucy B (Account Manager and Gary’s right-hand woman – what she does with her left hand has never been publicly divulged), (Big) James, a professional Brummie who does something clever with video, and James (the Second (NOT little James)) a small but perfectly formed web coder.

Stack of 2023 Leicester Comedy Festival brochures

Funny friends for life.

We’ve been the festival’s main creative partner for 28 of its 30 years and created the ‘Comedy’s grown up in Leicester’ campaign for this year, celebrating both the festival’s longevity and its role in helping to launch the careers of so many comedians who are now household names.

As well as a creative partner, we are members of the Business Partner’s Club, a networking club run by the festival to raise funds for each year’s event while supporting businesses in the city. There are Silver Members. There are Gold Members. We are Platinum members.

Our commitment to be the shiniest type of member was recognised at the launch with the presentation of a certificate. Our team were very proud and drank champagne to prove it.

Laughing all the way home.

The certificate was presented by soon-to-be superstar comedian Patrick Monahan. He then joined fellow comics Louise Young, Sajeela Kershi and Tom Lucy to perform their best material in a ‘Pick of the Fest’ comedy show. Our happy few departed after a great night out. They had witnessed yet another successful brochure launch, for the nation’s longest running comedy festival.

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