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Bray & Bray

Regional law firm

Corporate identity, brand, web site

Bray and Bray advertisement

Reach provides creative marketing support to Bray & Bray including press advertising

Redefining a brand

Bray & Bray is a regional law firm based in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. The company provides legal services for companies and individuals across a range of sectors.

To support their future growth plans, Bray & Bray had developed a new marketing strategy. Through this exercise, it became apparent that their brand identity did not accurately reflect their offer. Compounded by piecemeal commissioning, the company was presenting themselves inconsistently across individual marketing pieces.

Bray and Bray brochures

Reach designed Bray & Bray's brand identity to convey a sense of calm authority

Bray and Bray outdoor billposter

Billboard advertising provides a hyper-local focus

Bray and Bray folder

Bray & Bray's collateral features high quality printed pieces designs and sourced by Reach

Creating a direction

At this point, Reach was brought on board. Our task: to reappraise the Bray & Bray brand and supply creative direction.

Firstly, we considered the brand mark. Polling revealed that the established logo enjoyed good recognition. Subsequently, we embarked on simplifying the existing mark to improve legibility.

Secondly, we examined the graphics. Conveying the right values for a brand requires a cascade of choices. Typography, colour palettes and imagery selection should be considered as a whole. With this in mind, we weaved together the individual elements into a set of design concepts. These portrayed the right look-and-feel for Bray & Bray: calming, solid, modern.

With the brand repositioned, our thoughts turned to implementation. To ensure consistency across channels, we delivered a diverse range of collateral. This included stationery, brochures and a social media toolkit.

Bray and Bray pop up banner

A pop up produced by Reach to support Bray & Bray's external activities

Bray and Bray website home page

Reach designed and built the Bray & Bray corporate website

Proactive design

During the concept stage, we explored how the Bray & Bray website could look. In light of the positive reception to these concepts, the client tasked us with redeveloping their website.

To begin with, we scoped out the company's needs. In the long run the client wished to update and expand the website themselves. To that end, we developed an advanced CMS solution. This features a block builder for users to tile together their own pages.

Reactive build

Meanwhile, we worked with the client to collate and create content. We also refined the UX and UI to produce final layouts. With lead generation in mind, every page features a clear call to action. Contextual email forms direct enquiries to the relevant Bray & Bray team.

To be sure that the website will scale across devices, we implemented a fully reactive build.

As a result of our considered approach, the Bray & Bray website is now both great-looking and easy to use. And thanks to our marketing experience, their website has become a valuable part of the company's sales funnel.

Bray and Bray expo display

Reach designed and procured a sturdy branded stand for Bray & Bray to use at expos throughout the year

The Bray & Bray branded office reception

Reach produces ongoing procurement and collateral support to Bray & Bray

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