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Cole Waterhouse

Industrial logistics development identity

Brand, Design, Aerial Photography, CGIs

To be seen as outstanding, first you must stand out.

When approaching any new branding exercise, Reach always bears this tenet in mind.

Directly viewable from the busy M62 viaduct crossing the Manchester Ship Canal, Cole Waterhouse's latest industrial logistics opportunity is certainly very visible.

Cole Waterhouse's aspirations were simple. They wanted an identity befitting one of the highest profile developments in the Northwest. For our part, the Reach creative team was happy to oblige.

The Trafford Cross investment brochure for Cole Waterhouse features the eye-catchingTX motif

TX investment brochure inner pages for Cole Waterhouse

The investment brochure used full page photography to emphasise the site's location and potential

Inside and out

Firstly, we researched the proposition to ensure we fully understood the offer. From this we developed a messaging platform, our purpose being to relay key information clearly and succinctly.

Secondly, stemming from the messaging platform, we named the scheme. From several strong options, the Cole Waterhouse development team finally settled upon 'Trafford Cross'. This name, they felt, neatly summarised the location and its links.

Thirdly, our next consideration was the visual identity. Thanks to the strong 'TX' motif, the Trafford Cross brand mark is as hard to miss as the location itself.

The investment brochure featured copy lines from the messaging platform developed by Reach

TX brochure covers for Cole Waterhouse

The look and feel of the marketing materials reflected the offer: prominent and eye-catching

Reach produced all the copy and design for the campaign in house

Getting every detail exactly right is essential for all collateral

TX marks the spot

In turn, the brand mark informed the roll out of design across channels, primarily the web site, brochures, and investor presentations.

A key asset is the suite of CGIs. These utilise aerial photography to show the proximity to both Trafford Park and the centre of Manchester.

A strong statement

As a result of this work, collateral produced across the Trafford Cross campaign is eye-catching and informative.

The campaign has enjoyed strong recognition amongst agents, the opportunity seeing strong interest from potential occupiers.

Reach commissioned a suite of high quality CGIs to support the offer

The CGIs portray the essence of each offer in the best possible light

Trafford Cross whole site CGI

This whole scheme CGI shows a number of essential elements: the access, the prominent location next to the M60 viaduct, with Trafford Park and Manchester city centre in the background

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