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From corporate video production and five second stingers, to product explainers and vox pops, we produce video marketing with reach.

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In an age where the average consumer attention span has dropped to 8 seconds, attracting that attention is ever more vital. Video marketing is an essential tool for keeping customers engaged. This is especially true in an online environment.

Online video is the new frontier for eye-catching, high impact content. At Reach, our video marketing services can provide for all your video needs. From corporate video production to five second stingers, explainers to vox pops, we’re a video marketing agency with reach.

A storyboard being drafted

Commercial video production – the process

A video tells a story, in words and pictures, and our process starts with developing a clear understanding of the story you need to tell. Depending on the type of video, this often leads to the development of a script and a storyboard.

Some people don’t see storyboards as essential in commercial video production. But experience has shown us they are. They give the client a very clear idea of exactly how the story will be told. They also give the director, crew, and any performers a clear idea of the guiding vision. And, very importantly, they help to keep a project on budget.

Bringing it all together: video editing

The storyboard also helps to streamline the process for one of the central, and often overlooked, characters in the delivery of effective video production: the editor. It’s the editor that brings together all the disparate elements that go into commercial video production – footage, music, sound, VFX, and motion graphics.

It’s their skill, ultimately, that delivers the end product: a powerful audio and visual message that will endure repeat viewings across multiple platforms.

A video explanation of a testing kit for Lasting Health

Corporate video production

Corporate videos are a staple product of any video marketing agency. They are vital for brand promotion in the internet age, promoting not just products and services, but increasingly, values and purpose. But at Reach, we see video marketing services more holistically. So, in the process of creating a long form video for your website, we will also create the assets for shorter clips, tailored for use in social media. This maximises your ROI and your online brand exposure.

B2B service and product videos

We have a client who has invented an advanced bolting system. Another has developed a method of repairing damaged warehouse racking in-situ. There is no marketing substitute for showing these innovative technologies in action. They’re brilliant. And watching them solve problems for engineers and businesses in seconds is the single most powerful way to advertise their benefits.

It’s why our video production services include macro and CGI compositing. The highly technical skills involved are deployed by a team as happy on location, where dirty conditions and poor light is the norm, as they are in the studio. Here they can make use of miniature lighting rigs that illuminate incredible detail, providing both drama and clarity.

However small your big idea, whatever the scale of your ambition, Reach video marketing services can bring your product or service vividly to life.

Demonstrating how a warehouse rack repair system works

Demonstrating how a warehouse rack repair system works

Editing a video in which an industrial agent guides us around a warehouse

Video marketing services for industrial property

Industrial property marketing is a big part of our business and video plays a major role. We deploy the full suite of video production services, capturing footage using drones, gimble mounted, and stationary cameras. And we still use helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to capture large sites near major road networks.

But there is more to marketing an industrial building than showing off the product, however spectacular. Some of the methods we use in corporate video production also apply here. For example, using a leading developer or agent, talking direct to camera on in interview, is an engaging way of getting contextual information and secondary benefits across. It humanises the offer while introducing the people behind it.

And sometimes, we may be selling an opportunity. What we actually film is just empty fields. However, when combined with CGI, VFX and graphics, video can actualize the opportunity in an incredibly compelling way.

Video marketing services for residential property

Seeing is believing, and video can show prospective buyers the home they dream of without having to leave the one they are already in. It really can deliver a virtual tour, not just of a house, but of a neighbourhood, or whole new development. And a whopping 66% of homebuyers prefer to learn about a new home or area by watching video rather than reading about it – something that Google is very aware of.

At Reach, we deploy the full range of our video production services when marketing residential property. The most popular products are short films, trailers in effect, of a property, new development, or neighbourhood; 360 and VR tours; and testimonials and case studies. All of these can be edited as long or short form and tailored for deployment on websites and across social media.

Overall, video marketing is a highly effective way to sell residential property. It increases engagement, builds trust, expands reach, and saves time – for the home buyer and the seller.

A video produced for Cannon Kirk Homes

A video produced for Cannon Kirk Homes

Full motion video produced for Lasting Health

Reach for the right video marketing agency

In fact, in terms of increased engagement, video marketing is a highly effective way to sell everything. The in-house team at Reach direct a wide range of trusted suppliers, ready to deliver high impact video for web, AR, and TV. Most of our client base is B2B, but we have always served B2C and arts clients, and look forward to supporting you, whatever your sector or requirement.

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