Reach has a superb track record of developing brands for products and organisations across a range of sectors including industry, health, real estate and the arts.

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This Panattoni branded F1 car took centre stage at a launch event

Reach have developed a unique brand style for Panattoni UK, fitting within the global corporate identity

What is a brand?

A brand is the way a product, company, or service is perceived by those who experience it. It can be summarized as personality and reputation. But it’s not just outward facing. How well an organisation performs, and how it is perceived, is ultimately determined by the values, attitudes, and aptitudes of those within it.

Helping you find clarity

At Reach, we help clients define their mission, clarify their vision, establish their purpose, and define the core values that underpin everything they do. We do this through a series of consultation exercises and brand workshops.

Clearly, this is vital for start-ups, but we have supported a number of established companies who needed to readdress questions around brand identity. This can be in response to their own rapid growth, a desire to build market share or the need to fend off challenger brands.

Often, internal brand campaigns are as important to these organisations as the outward facing campaigns that we help them develop.

You will find the line ‘a brand is more than a logo’ repeated ad nauseum all over the internet. And of course, it’s true. But visual identity is a vital part of brand. What you look like to a new customer creates the first impression. Your visual identity also needs to reflect your values; image choice, tone of voice, colourways – all of these things ‘speak’ to a customer about you. Our designers will build a unique visual identity for you that reflects your mission, purpose, and values.

Your brand bible

Reach is here to support you with all aspects of brand creation and development. We can create a document that contains everything you need to manage all aspects of your brand, from mission statements to copy style guides, even rules about logos on overalls.

Whatever your brand needs, ask Reach.

Reach produced the brand identity for Cannon Kirk Homes

Cannon Kirk branded window graphic

Cannon Kirk branded window graphic

Site signage is an important part of the brand experience

Site signage is an important part of the brand experience

Macfarlane Packaging branded truck

Exhibition stand designed for Macfarlane Packaging

Key Skills

  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Communications Training

Publications for Bloomsbury

Graphics developed for Bloomsbury

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