Posted on May 08 2017, News

The road to success

Alltruck plc is a truck rental and contract hire company with a difference. So they told us to develop a website with a difference. But, ultimately, we did much more than that for them.

They carry more than goods in their trucks and they know it. Of course, they carry objects of desire, both large and small. But most importantly they carry reputations and aspirations: the ambitions of their customers and their employees to exceed expectations, to go as far as they can in business, in their careers, in life. So we wove a line around the heart of their brand:

Start your journey with Alltruck plc.

Then we could talk about their customers’ journeys, their employees’ journeys, some of the more challenging journeys their customers’ products have to make (A sofa from London to the Scottish Highlands! You could make a film about it. We did make a film about it). The line unlocked messages to all audiences about all aspects of Alltruck and it has the legs to run and run. Through animation, testimonial videos, viral marketing and print, we are inviting people to start their journeys with Alltruck.

But what about the website? Colour was the key.

They like pink. A lot.

“The pink has to stay,” they said. The strong colour palette of pink and blue has real traction as their visual identity but we needed to update the look and create some kind of synergy with the journey concept. The pink ball was born.

Representing the spirit of Alltruck, the ball’s capacity to roll and roll and roll is symbolic of ‘The Journey’. It’s a concept Alltruck staff have fully embraced. The ball appears in pictures throughout the website and other marketing collateral. The Alltruck team appear in the same pictures and the photo shoot itself was a great way to get buy-in to the new brand direction from the team.

The website went live in March this year. It’s like no other truck company website you’ll ever see. The journey concept was officially launched at Alltruck’s annual awards dinner in Leicester, where they celebrated their ongoing success with employees, customers and suppliers. The event served to give the pink ball yet more momentum. Who knows where the journey will take it?

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