Posted on June 29 2016, Blog

Tactics: A strategic choice

Last week, marketers from across the globe joined together in the south of France for the acclaimed Cannes Lions festival. Alongside a whirlwind of award ceremonies, panel discussions and networking, the festival has also reignited the long-standing debate around strategy versus tactics.

Although often confused and used interchangeably within strategic planning, the term Strategy in fact encompasses the plan for how your day to day activities (Tactics) contribute to your business goals i.e. by driving unique visitors to your website. Tactics on the other hand, relate to the specific actions undertaken to achieve an objective. These might include activities like: writing blog posts targeting the needs of your customers, starting 10+ conversations per day with your online target audience, and acquiring coverage in national magazines.

We won’t lie, it can be easy to work backwards. Many marketers make the mistake of jumping onto a platform or activity without a plan of what they’re trying to accomplish. However, without clear objectives, this approach means that is no clear way of measuring how effective their efforts are when it comes to the bottom line.

“Some agencies are all gas and no steering wheel,’ said Dana Anderson, SVP and CMO of Mondelez to Marketing Week, ‘They tell you they can create 20 videos, but if there’s something wrong with my branding or my approach to a campaign, they can’t help me fix it. So I think strategy is important. Otherwise you’ll just buy everything [as a brand] and waste money.”

Although some agencies choose to specialise in specific areas, it is becoming increasingly common for integrated models to offer a range of services that are both strategic support and tactical work. Making an impact as an integrated agency means balancing Upper Management’s strategic intelligence and planning against the tactical and technical capabilities of individual departments or teams so that clients are delivered a cohesive and streamlined service that can be measured easily.

Our capabilities at Reach span Branding, Timelapse photography, Creative communications, Print and online design, Advertising, Public relations, Direct Marketing and Signage, allowing us to work with clients across a range of sectors. We make a point of offering not only strategic insight and planning as part of our branding capabilities and creative campaigns, but also our significant expertise and experience in designing and writing content that reaches for results both on and offline.

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