Posted on January 20 2017, News

Reach helps make a Big Difference with Leicester Comedy Festival

If you’ve met our team, you know we love to laugh.

Whether it’s an ongoing internal contest between colleagues for the best (Read: worst) puns, or sending each other the occasional funny news story (like this one); we like to think of ourselves as having a few ‘funny ideas’ here at Reach. When it comes to our work with Leicester Comedy Festival though, we take ourselves seriously… mostly… and leave the jokes to the experts.

We’ve been working on behalf of the Leicester Comedy Festival and its charity organisers, Big Difference Company, for more than twenty years; taking them through classic brochure covers such as 2011’s Underpants Award through to our iconic tongue-in-cheek work last year for ‘Comedy you can’t ignore’.

After the considerable level of political upheaval this year however, we declared the festival the ‘UK’s Official Comedy Party’, giving everyone the opportunity to loosen up, exercise their funny bones (even if they end up with pie on their face) and have a good ol’ chuckle at some of the best British and international stand-up on offer.

Recognising the value of our relationship, and wanting to help Big Difference Co. make well… a big difference, we decided this year to donate much of our time and efforts on a pro bono basis: providing a redesigned website at a significant discount, sponsoring a table at November’s Stand-Up Challenge event, and continuing our support as Platinum members of Leicester Comedy Festival’s Business Partners Club.

“Leicester Comedy Festival is a vital part of our city’s culture, bringing together comedians and comedy lovers from all over the UK’, said Reach’s Managing Director, Asgoo Pirbhai, “Our work with Big Difference company in supporting this fantastic event demonstrates our love of Leicester’s arts and culture scene, and we felt it only right to continue and increase our commitment through our charitable contributions and marketing provision.”

Thousands of people enjoy the festival, which is set to run between the 8th and 26th February with over 800 events held at venues across Leicestershire. Hosting household names such as: Jason Manford, Stuart Lee, Jimmy Carr and David O’Doherty (to name a few) as well as more avant-garde events like ‘Comedy in the Dark’, Hotel d’Comedie, and The Thermos Museum (whose Curator’s digressions seem to take over from the actual exhibit information), the charity receives less than 5% from public subsidy; so please show your support and donate what you can.