Posted on April 04 2016, Blog

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The world’s current focus on all aspects of online marketing might make you think that a physical brochure isn’t a necessary piece of marketing collateral. But when you make that initial first contact outside the digital realm, a brochure can often act as a key touchpoint to set you apart from your competition.

Brochure design – particularly for B2B clients – is one of the most effective forms of BTL (Below the Line) marketing as it engages a target audience directly; offering you the opportunity to present detailed information of your product or service’s best features and benefits.

Alongside sharing important messages about your offering however, brochures also allow you to clearly display your organisation’s brand through compelling visuals, reinforcing your identity and credibility in the minds of prospects and customers.

As part of our work with First Industrial, we created a logo and visual identity as strong and confident as their name, and applied it to all their marketing collateral.

We also created something unique.

The First Industrial Product Guide (now in its fourth edition), explains the entire process of delivering a large industrial building whilst showcasing the quality, scale and efficiency that First Industrial delivers. Acting simultaneously as both a product and corporate brochure, the guide is widely admired by First Industrial’s competitors, and is seen as an indispensable selling tool by their team.

If you would like to discuss how our design team can bolster your brand with a new brochure, contact us by emailing or by ringing 0116 233 5565.