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Leicester Comedy Festival

Annual arts event

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Building brands, building partnerships

At Reach we pride ourselves not just upon the quality of our creative. We also take heart from the longevity of the relationships we create. Some of our client partnerships span decades. Because of this, we come to know their businesses inside out.

Indeed, one of our longest standing relationships has been with the Leicester Comedy Festival. From humble beginnings in 1994, LCF has become the biggest and longest running comedy festival in Europe. Globally, only the Montreal Comedy Festival boasts greater size and a longer history.

Reach developed the Leicester Comedy Festival identity

Festival branding

In the same fashion, a highlight of Reach’s annual slate of projects is creating the yearly festival campaign. Each presents a blank page and for this reason we take it as an opportunity to differentiate with previous years.

To this end, our creative responses typically centre on a thematic hook. This theme ties together the messaging platform with the look-and-feel to create continuity across the campaign. Online channels typically include the LCF web site and social media posts. Physical collateral includes a printed events guide, media and outdoor advertising, plus signage.

So far, we have employed a range of styles, being on occasion photographic, graphical, and illustrative. One memorable photoshoot involved a supermarket set and 100 LCF-branded chickens. (We like to keep abreast of trends.)

The 2022 identity featured a pop art style with a particularly strong visual impact

Raising a smile

Reach has played a key role in driving the growth of the Festival. From the earliest days up to the present time, we supply the LCF marketing team with creative support.

Notably, Reach produced the first corporate brand for the Festival. The brand has evolved over the intervening decades, both to keep it fresh and reflect changing headline sponsors.

A significant part of the Festival identity is the LCF smile. Designed to impact across a spectrum of channels, for this purpose, the brand mark comes in eight eye-catching colours.

The smile mark simultaneously functions as a hallmark of quality. Wherever the smile mark features, attendees are assured that the act is an official part of the Festival.

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Horizontal scrolling Leicester Comedy Festival Brochures

As well as a full suite of collateral, Reach produces the yearly brochure for the festival

The brochure features detailed listings with updates occurring right up to the moment of publication

Colourful guest passes for the festival

The last laugh

Sharing a home city, we are immensely honoured to be associated with the Leicester Comedy Festival. Incredibly, 2023 marks the 30th year of our partnership – no laughing matter. Long may it continue.

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