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Raising awareness

Founded by Bob Woods of Mattioli Woods, Lasting Health raises awareness about the effects of pollution on human health.

Atmospheric and food chain pollution, plus every day materials, are building toxins within our bodies. Micro-plastics are one point of growing concern. Their potential effect upon our long term health, especially fertility, is becoming a hot button topic. This legacy of internalised environmental toxins is called our ‘body burden’.

Given these points, Lasting Health campaigns to influence policy. They also offer the public a simple diagnostic test to measure our body burden.

The Lasting Health brand was produced by Reach

Lasting Health website mock up on laptop

Reach developed the Lasting Health website and supported the launch with SEO and PPC advertising

Developing the message

At this point our first priority was to build a Lasting Health web site. This would offer information and positive advice about how we as individuals can reduce our body burden.

We worked with the Last Health team to draft copy, using clear and concise language that the public would readily understand. To make the science digestible, we also developed a series of graphics and illustrations.

Driving engagement

Our next task was to build a community of concerned citizens. Building the momentum for change required a ground-up approach.

The web site launched with an online advertising campaign. These were boosted by a series of shareable video stingers on Twitter and Facebook. These and our SEO strategy continue to drive traffic to the site.

Initial results are very positive. Since launch, Lasting Health has consistently ranked within the top 5 for the search ‘body burden’ on Google. Lasting Health is also gaining momentum on social media.

As a result, Lasting Health is continuing to grow, becoming a leading voice in the debate about this issue.

Lasting Health Insights publications

Reach provides ongoing creative and design support to Lasting Health, including press and publications

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