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Cannon Kirk Homes

Regional housebuilder

Brand. Website. Photography. Movies. CGI. Social media. Masterplans. Print. Point of sale. Signage.

Building a brand

Cannon Kirk approached Reach with a marketing conundrum.

A house builder active across the East of England, Cannon Kirk was building a solid reputation. In this case, positive word of mouth was not converting into consistent sales growth. Could Reach help?

Reach plans and implements Cannon Kirk Homes' social media posts

Cannon kirk reflection

On site collateral has to be high quality and reflective of the brand

Cannon Kirk roadside sign

Signage is particularly important on site, being both informational and advertorial

Not just houses, but homes

As our research progressed, it became clear that much of Cannon Kirk’s positive reputation arose from their product. The quality, value and originality of their homes created strong brand recognition among their existing buyers.

Polling revealed another insight. Cannon Kirk pioneered the use of mixed house types to create varied street scenes. Coupled with semi-rural locations, each development conveyed a unique sense of place. As a result, customers felt that they were buying into an organic community.

A high quality CGI created by Reach for Cannon Kirk Homes

People focus

Our first task was to assess whether the Cannon Kirk brand as it stood accurately reflected their proposition. That meant immersing ourselves in the Cannon Kirk product and company values.

Key to this was a fruitful series of client meetings and focus groups. Firstly, the enthusiasm of the Cannon Kirk staff was immediately apparent. Genuinely proud of their product, they were bursting to get the message out. Staff simply lacked the tools to help.

Secondly, focus groups revealed the loyalty of Cannon Kirk customers. Buyers were staying with the company, even as their needs changed. Some were even on their second or third Cannon Kirk home!

Printed collateral is an important addition to sales offices and show homes

Repositioning the brand

Given these points, we were ready to redefine Cannon Kirk’s market positioning. For the purpose of encapsulating their vision and values, we devised a simple wrap-around statement: ‘Cannon Kirk: building a sense of place’.

Our next step was to develop a new visual identity. The result is a brand mark and corporate format that appears both friendly and modern.

A sense of place

Equally important to the Cannon Kirk corporate ID was their individual scheme branding.

First thing to remember is that 55% of homeowners live within 15 miles of their home town. In effect, a scheme’s physical presence is a hugely important part of the marketing mix.

On-brand signage, flags and posters are only parts of the challenge. A series of Reach designed scheme marketing suites also provide a welcoming focal point, helping advisors to close the deal.

By the same token, when used well, print remains a vital touch point for encouraging potential customers. Well designed and specified brochures and information packs are on hand for those who need more time.

Cannon kirk website homepage mock up on mac screen

Reach developed the Cannon Kirk web site to become an important part of their sales funnel

A site plan designed by Reach for Cannon Kirk

Hearts and minds

No sooner than the corporate ID was in place, our focus then moved to a new website. Cannon Kirk needed their web presence to play a more active role in driving sales.

Home buying is as much dictated by customer’s hearts as their heads. As a result, copy and imagery should be strongly aspirational. Finally, to aid users, practical details about each scheme needed to be readily accessible.

The result is a website designed to keep visitors engaged. Up to date content is augmented by quality photography and realistic CGIs. Interactive masterplans and virtual show home tours add ‘stickiness’, increasing session duration.

As a result of this work, the Cannon Kirk website has become a crucial part of their sales funnel. It now plays a prime role in converting casual interest into active prospects.

Full spectrum support

With time, Reach’s working partnership with the Cannon Kirk sales team has only grown. We continue to provide a broadening package of creative marketing and PR support.

Reach employ a mix of organic marketing and paid advertising across various web and social media platforms. Regular posts on Facebook and Instagram foster engagement with existing and potential Cannon Kirk homeowners.

Annual program of live events drives content creation and sharing across all channels. Activities including children’s theatre, litter picking events and school trips to construction sites.

These feed into a PR schedule planned on a three-month cycle. Analytic reports measure the effectiveness of on and offline activities.

Social media posts produced by Reach for Cannon Kirk

littleport litter pickers cannon kirk photo in park

Cannon Kirk support to local community groups with materials. Here an organiser wears a branded high visibility vest sourced by Reach

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