Posted on May 09 2016, Blog

Great Expectations

Successful client management is at the heart of every profitable business, and managing clients’ expectations is a critical skill when delivering good quality marketing collateral that both you and your clients are satisfied with.

Developing a healthy client-agency relationship hinges on our contributing our creative expertise to a brief and consistently delivering projects or campaigns that meet their communication and business needs. If there isn’t mutual understanding of expected outputs, the whole process can be a wasted effort. Clear communication – from the creation of a brief and costing of a proposal through to the entirety of a job’s development – is key in managing a client’s expectations and delivering on-time and within budget.

As quality work equals both time and money, and as a lot of misalignment is the result of miscommunication, Reach prioritises establishing from the onset of a job exactly what a client wants, so that goals are affordable, detailed, and realistic.

Our Account Managers also make a point of keeping our clients in the loop during a project; engaging them throughout the creative process so that the final deliverable is exemplary in terms of both design and content regardless of whether it is a timelapse, website, advertisement, digital campaign or an entirely new brand identity.

As a business, we pride ourselves on our commitment towards focusing on outcomes rather than just outputs, and measure our success based on the difference we contribute towards our clients’ business objectives, whether this be for example: by increasing their business growth, raising their profile, or successfully rebranding a company to better reflect their values, personality and corporate culture.

After all, Dicken’s declaration in ‘Great Expectations’ that we “Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There is no better rule.” is not only true for great literature, but also in modern business.

If you’d like to work with us, get in touch by emailing or by ringing 0116 233 5565. We’d be happy to make your expectations a reality.