Posted on October 12 2016, Blog

Constructing a compelling content narrative

Whilst a great website that encompasses clean coding and a smooth interface does wonders in appealing to its users, investing in developing a content narrative that is compelling, relevant and – most importantly – targeted to its readership plays a key factor in building credibility and maintaining your reputation.

Potential occupiers and property owners are often overloaded with market information, whether it be from performance challenges and how to face them to the evolving nature of stakeholder behaviour. With so few construction companies considering the value of compelling, highly-targeted content, the opportunities are nearly endless for those who make a point of standing out from the crowd.

That being said, no longer is it enough to post generic, keyword-stuffed content targeted only at increasing page rankings. Algorithms have evolved to recognise and largely limit this approach. Now marketers need to deliver natural-sounding content for their clients that consistently delivers insight and knowledge. And, by seamlessly integrating compelling copy with tags, references and inbound links that appear natural and don’t interrupt the ‘flow’ of copy, marketing content is now much better positioned to make its’ target audiences’ professional lives easier and clearer.

By digging a little deeper and gauging what exactly it is that those visiting your website, blog or podcast etc. are seeking, you will be better prepared to not only target your stakeholders’ needs but also be better able to demonstrate your expertise and build your corporate identity as a leader within the field.

To be truly effective in building an engaged audience and seeing a tangible impact on your client base, these efforts must be an ongoing commitment to maintain your role as an industry ‘expert’. Building that reputation and keeping your business at the forefront of your stakeholders’ minds will take knowledge, time and effort – all things which we at Reach Marketing possess.

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