Posted on April 04 2017, Blog

Bring your content to life with Virtual Reality

There’s an old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words . . . so when that image has the capacity to create a real-life experience achieving significantly higher levels of engagement, then it is of infinitely greater value than a still shot.

Research has established that content generated by Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) is considerably more powerful in terms of holding people’s attention longer than more traditional methods of making a visual impact.

Little wonder then that development of the very latest marketing tools and techniques has embraced opportunities both VR and AR can offer in building an experience around key messages being conveyed in any campaign.

As specialists in the commercial property sector, we have seen at Reach how they have added new dimensions to the marketing of buildings/units which are either under construction or even still at the planning stage of development.

A prominent feature of launch events are Google Cardboard viewers which enable invited guests and, in particular, those most interested in the scheme, to visualise what it would be like to be an occupier of that commercial space.

Therefore, they help to stimulate interest and ensure clients are ahead of the game when it comes to getting occupants on board.

Google Cardboard provides a relatively simple and easily affordable method of delivering real-life experiences through a Smartphone and evolving a message from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, so the audience plays a central role.

While there is a clear distinction between VR and AR – VR is a digital recreation of a real-life setting, whereas AR delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world – in their own ways, they both have the capability to improve content marketing.

Neither are startling new technological discoveries, but more and more businesses are recognising them as innovative ways to give them a competitive edge, not only for their commercial value but also for training and product development.

The perceptions that VR or AR are for gamers and sports fans, and their use requires major financial investment, are being broken down.

The increasing number turning to this form of marketing are reaping the benefits in terms of stronger emotional connections, greater interaction and a closer affinity with their brand which can enhance the whole customer experience.

At Reach, the creative and technical skills within our team mean that VR and AR have added exciting new aspects to our range of marketing services and, just as important, greater value to what we can offer to our portfolio of clients.

If you want your images and CGIs bringing to life, so they take a prominent position in the content marketing mix, then why not give our Account Management team a call on 0116 233 5565. We’ll be happy to assist you.