Posted on December 15 2016, Blog

Brands aren’t people but they ARE human (or at least the good ones are)

Whether it’s through a customer’s experience over time or the company’s reputation with its suppliers and within its communities; a brand is an organisation’s identity and personality, and – almost as importantly – how stakeholders perceive and respond to it.

When you enter the market as a new company or already have a long heritage, it’s inevitable that you will be talked about by your stakeholders, and perceptions of your company will be formed regardless of whether you’re a part of that conversation or not.

Your brand has a crucial task therefore in defining itself, and positioning and differentiating your company within its market. How well an organisation performs and how well it is perceived, is ultimately determined by the values, attitudes, and aptitudes of those within it. Successful brands are lived through an organisation’s people and what company’s brand ‘says’, with the tone used being comparable to a person’s voice. The longer your ‘voice’ is active, the more your identity is reinforced, blending with other elements of your brand to give your audience a complete picture of your organisation and its ‘brand essence’.

When a business is growing as rapidly as our client: Lodders, it makes sense to talk about this brand essence. As the very core of their identity, their brand essence has brought out the (very human) personality of the firm, that has directly led to their success as legal specialists. Our work with them in developing and codifying this brand essence has ensured that it remains at the heart of Lodders’ operation as firm continues to grow, and at the heart of what they ‘say’ as a brand.

Because they know their clients often have to be many things at once, it’s important that their clients recognise and understand this essence. Lodders’ identity as a brand therefore not only helps inform their decision-making process as a business, but reiterates and strengthens their reputation as a flexible, fresh thinking, and credible organisation in whom their clients can trust – be they a large property organisation or an individual private client.

When you really think about it, people don’t ‘relate’ to companies or products or service offerings; they relate to other people. Generations of clients have chosen Lodders for their friendly, personal service and thoughtful advice, so it’s no surprise that their essence encompasses the qualities their clients love. It’s a simple, straight-forward, and – most importantly – human approach; and is one that is highly successful.

So yes, a brand is not a person, but they do behave like them. If you’re looking to be successful, humanising your brand and underpinning your organisation and work with an identity your users, clients and audiences can relate to is the first step, regardless of the industry in which you’re operating. If you’re struggling with where to start, feel free to give our Account Management team a call on: 0116 233 5565. We’re always happy to help.